Car Valeting

car cleaningTMC Car Valeting maintains a full line of specialized car care services designed to clean, polish, protect and help maintain your car appearance. TMC only use high-performance products that are custom formulated to our own specifications and we meticulously hand-clean your vehicle completely, carefully and professionally each and every time. We give our customers our best – right down to the finer details. Your pride and joy is safe in the hands of a TMC cleaner.

Car Valeting For All Vehicles

From family vans, trucks and sport utility vehicles to luxury sedans and high performance sport cars, TMC Car Valeting has a service to fit the needs of your vehicle, and your budget. Fine Details® locations specialize in interior and exterior hand car valeting , featuring a variety of car valeting services to satisfy the needs of the car as well as the financial requirements of the client.

Our specialty car valeting services includes full hand wash and vacuum, fabric protection, interior shampoo and detailing, leather treatment, paint protection, high speed polishing, engine shampooing, rustproofing, dent removal, window tinting, headlight restoration and windshield repair.

Car Valeting Top Tip

TOP TIP: Don’t clean the car on a hot sunny day – wait for the evening otherwise you will have smears all over the body work as the water dries.

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